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Post Frame Construction With Chatfield Lumber Company

Post Frame Buildings may be the right choice in construction for every industry when it comes to building. Why Post-Frame and what are the BENEFITS?

Post Frame Construction

You can custom design your building to look and feel exactly how you want it to! Our team specializes in multi-purpose post-framed building construction for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural projects.

Some of the benefits include:

• Quick construction

• Affordable

• Durable

• Weather resistant

• Energy efficient & long lasting

Design your building how you want it with the experienced staff at Chatfield Lumber Company as we assist you from concept to the finished building!

Post Frame Supplies

Chatfield Lumber Company, Inc. offers the finest quality building materials for the agricultural and business needs within the communities to the Rochester and SE MN area with onsite delivery, planning, designing, and post-frame buildings for any need.

Material Choices

From colors, thickness, to material selections from start to finish of your project, you will always have complete control of how your structure is constructed.


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